Our Work

National Security and Defense

ASG has advised and advocated for a number of diverse companies that work with the Department of Defense (DoD). The firm’s partners have been particularly successful in helping companies navigate the complex Pentagon funding and acquisition process as well as providing key insight, strategic guidance and creative solutions for our clients. ASG has a unique understanding of the annual defense budget oversight process and is skilled at identifying and finding champions to help solve client issues.

Defense Community Support

ASG is tailor-made to represent and advise clients concerning the growth and preservation of the military installation and the communities that surround them.  Both partners have served on previous BRAC commissions, and have represented communities and businesses with military installation  interests for a number of years as private consultants. Collectively, the ASG partners have experienced BRAC from one perspective or another during the 1991, 1995 and 2005 BRAC rounds, and have retained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Labor & Immigration

ASG has considerable experience in the realm of immigration and the specific issues surrounding economic and non-immigrant visas. The firm has worked with relevant industries across the nation that rely on various temporary visa programs to effectively operate their respective businesses. ASG has been successful in building bipartisan congressional coalitions on these industries’ behalf in order to save American jobs, ensure quality products, and in multiple cases, preserve a longstanding way of life.

Military & VA Healthcare

The ASG partners have extensive experience in the military healthcare arena in both government-appointed and private sector capacities. The firm understands that there is no more important service than ensuring the medical well-being of our war fighters and the families who faithfully support them. ASG’s background in advising companies involved with military healthcare is considerable and wide-ranging. We have witnessed many unique situations from different vantage points and are well-equipped to provide strategic counsel on how best to do business in the sphere of military healthcare. Bottom line, the collective nuances of Capitol Hill, DoD, and the Veterans Administration must be fully comprehended in order to develop a blueprint for success.

Conservation Policy and Advocacy

Inspired by the people and animals who depend on a thriving earth, we leverage our networks, federal knowledge and advocacy expertise on behalf of science-driven institutions and technology innovators whose work contributes to meaningful progress in conservation and climate resilience. We take great pride in our demonstrated success in amplifying their work, identifying and realizing needed policy changes, and driving additional resources to scale impact both at home and around the world.