The ASG partners have 25-plus years of federal service in both the legislative and executive branch. In this capacity, the firm specialized in drafting and influencing legislation, developing coalitions and ultimately realizing legislative goals. Additionally, the ASG partners have worked on grassroots campaigns in both a government capacity and as private sector consultants. ASG understands how to achieve a unity of effort from the bottom up in order to build a winning campaign for a given issue or movement.

ASG understands that retaining federal government representation is a weighty decision for many companies, so the firm strives to provide unvarnished recommendations in this regard during initial consultations. For some private sector businesses or public entities, DC-based representation may not be necessary depending upon a given organization’s goals or objectives. ASG has found that in most cases however, expert representation is advisable as it is difficult for any organization to fully understand and effectively navigate the labyrinth that is the federal government. It is invaluable to have eyes and ears on the ground providing advocacy to the key leverage points on Capitol Hill and federal agencies. This should not be underestimated when trying to develop federal business or to receive favorably crafted legislation.