ASG is tailor-made to represent and advise clients concerning a congressionally authorized Base Realignment & Closure (BRAC), or actions outside of BRAC that may involve realignments or partial closures.  Both partners have served on previous BRAC commissions, and have represented communities and businesses with BRAC interests for a number of years as private consultants.  In order to fully understand the BRAC process and its potential implications, it is most helpful to have experienced BRAC from different perspectives – the ASG partners have done so serving as congressional staff members, BRAC commission staff members and professional consultants.  Collectively, the ASG partners have experienced BRAC from one perspective or another during the 1991, 1995 and 2005 BRAC rounds, and have retaining a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Additionally, ASG is ideally suited to advise and advocate for defense communities and companies during this time of budget reductions.  Most notably, the real and potential effects of sequestration must be fully understood and prepared for in order to mitigate any deleterious impacts to an installation, community or associated defense company.  ASG maintains the requisite knowledge on these issues to provide premium strategic counseling.